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        2. 公司簡介


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          Jiangsu Yibai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the processing and production of surface coating technology and thermal spraying. It takes thermal spraying technology as the core business and continues to extend to more coating fields.


          The company has supersonic flame spraying, tungsten carbide spraying, plasma spraying, supersonic arc spraying, wire flame spraying, powder flame spraying, spraying room, automatic sand blasting room, polishing and grinding products, manipulator and related integration, turntable, spray welding and remelting, vacuum furnace, lathe, milling machine, grinder and other equipment and peripherals. Customers are involved in a wide range of industries, including die casting, Automobile, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, environmental protection, papermaking, steel, etc. have accumulated rich production experience to meet the needs of different customers for different coatings.


          Since 2016, the company has introduced Japanese equipment and thermal spraying process. We are committed to the application and new technology research and development of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature functional hard surface composite coating and wear parts repair technology in the field of surface engineering.